Pop Warner Super Bowl Dec. 4 (B-roll and Soundbites)

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B-roll and soundbites from 56th annual Pop Warner Super Bowl Div. II Midget match up between Palm Bay Rockets (FL) and West Lynn Rams (MA) at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on Dec. 4, 2012.

Shot Sheet

Hard fought game, first quarter, West Lynn’s Abraham Toe hands off to Jonathan D’Oleo and D’Oleo is off to the races… but, at last moment, Kywan Smith comes out of nowhere to make the strip on the one yard line… Smith would jump into the pile and come out with the recovery for a touchback in the endzone…

No score at halftime… Rockets with a chance to score at the goalline in the 3rd quarter, and Palm Bay quarterback Derrick Taylor keeps it himself and pushes his way into the endzone. Two-point kick no good, so it’s 6-0 with under seven minutes to play in the 3rd quarter.

Three minutes later Palm Bay would get the ball back, Kaleb Dempsey hands of to Kesedick King and he picks up 15 yards on the ground and a first down.

Couple plays later, Rockets run nearly the same play, but this time it’s Kywan Smith on the carry. 24 yards inside the redzone to the 12-yard-line.

Same drive, from four yards out, Smith runs over some defenders into the endzone. Kick no good, so it’s 12-nothing Palm Bay.

Rams trying to rally in the 4th quarter, but a throw across the body gets intercepted by Johnny Frances, who takes it back to the house! Pick six for the Rockets defense and they blast off toward a Pop Warner Super Bowl with an 18-6 win over West Lynn. Palm Bay meets Grand Snakes out of Arizona for all the marbles Friday afternoon at 3:30.