Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Undergoing Most Extensive Redesign in its History

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Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course will reopen to golfers later this year as it finishes undergoing its most extensive redesign yet to create an even more magical experience for guests including four updated holes.

The redesign of the famed golf course will be led by Ken Baker, the head golf course designer at One Club Limited, and will reconfigure finishing holes No. 14, 15, 16 and 17 while enhancing the greens of the remaining holes to create a more magical golf experience than ever before. With the redesign already underway, golfers can expect the new-look Magnolia course to reopen later this year during the continued celebration of Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary.

The four finishing holes will be reimagined as follows:

Hole 14 – Currently a par 5, but is becoming a par 4 with a new green location

Hole 15 – Currently a par 3, but is shifting locations and becoming a long par 5 with a dogleg to the right

Hole 16 – Shifting locations and will remain a par 4, but will now have a dogleg to the left

Hole 17 – Currently a par 4, but is becoming a par 3 with new tee box locations

These are the Magnolia course’s biggest upgrades since 2015, and in addition to the updated holes, there will even be a newly-constructed cart bridge added to connect holes 16 and 17 through the forest, creating picturesque views for golfers to take in as they enjoy the course’s new upgrades.

Two PGA Tour stars, 2017 Masters winner Sergio Garcia and 2019 US Open champion Gary Woodland, got the chance to test out the new additions to the course themselves, leaving impressed with the changes and excited to return to play soon.

The changes to the Magnolia course, a favorite stop on the PGA Tour for over four decades, will provide a challenging, yet exciting new environment for golfers to play in. As one of the original golf courses to open at the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971, the redesign will bring a new, modern feel to the classic course.