Coach Juan Namnun, Frankford HS Pioneers

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Weslly Delgado, a blossoming inner-city Philadelphia baseball prospect, is bucking tremendous odds as he pursues a career in baseball in order to overcome a fractured childhood and eventually support his mom and younger brother despite being just 18 years old. Delgado, an All City All Star who leads his Frankford Pioneers team taking part in Disney Spring Training at Walt Disney World next week, comes from a single-parent home and acts as a teen guardian to his younger brother. Weslly does all the cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping for his family and worked on a horse farm this summer to help his mother pay the bills. Despite the difficult times, Weslly is an honor roll student and an All City All-Star baseball player whose aspirations to play in college are fueled by a necessity to earn a degree to better support his family.